Company Culture

We value respectful and congenial interaction with each other. Osterrath offers secure employment – our average employee seniority is more than 20 years. It goes without saying that Osterrath encourages continuing education.

Strong personalities

Our individual strengths and personal potential make each of us unique. Constructively combining these strengths is how we reach our goals together.

Sharing knowledge and values

Passion, enthusiasm, team spirit – these qualities are what our employees value!

We gladly pass on our knowledge to the next generation; sharing ensures the innovative capabilities.

Hello, my name is Marvin Opitz, the HR Manager at Osterrath. I look forward to seeing your application!

+49 2754 3753-165

OEM sales/Industrial sales (m/f/x)

Organization is your strength.

Tables and calculations fascinate you.

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Tool Mechanic (m/f/x)

You are fascinated by technology and like to solve problems on your own.

Working with tools, that´s your thing.

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